Starters and Tapas


Bread - 2 selections 2.00€
Garlic pizza 3.95€
Alentejo olive oil with balsamic vinegar 1.50€
Home made soup 2.50€ 

To share

2 Caipirinhas or Mojitos + polenta, bread, olive oil and habaneros 25.00€
2 Gins + 1/2 Codfish Pizza and 1/2 Smoked ham Pizza 30.00€
2 Gins Tónicos + 3 cheeses, bread and olive oil 25.00€
2 Whisky Sour + Selection of smoked ham and sausages, bread and olive oil 25.00€


4 leaves salad with Azorean cheese & mustard & honey sauce 7.95€
Tomate, mozzarela and pesto salad 6.95€

Our home wood fired Francesinha

Francesinha with beef and fried egg 10.95€
Francesinha with chicken steak and vegetables 11.95€
Iberian pork Francesinha 12.95€


Green habanero peppers with ower of salt  5.95€
Roasted fresh Portobelo mushrooms filled with pesto and
tomato sauce 6.95€
Codfish and carpers rice 8.95€
Beef carpaccio with São Jorge cheese and rocket salad 7.95€
Selection of smoked ham, pork sausage and blood sausage 7.95€
Chicken stew with parsley 7.95€
Selection of 3 cheeses (Açores, Serra e Vaca Amanteigado)
with tomato jam and fresh grapes 9.95€
Octopus and vegetables rice 9.95€
Grilled beefsteak with ham and cheese sandwich 6.95€
Scrambled eggs with Portuguese sausage (allheira) 5.95€
Rolled salami seasoned with lime juice and black pepper 4.95€
Potatoes sesoned with spices and herbs mayonnaise 3.95€
Crispy polenta with tomate sauce 3.95€
Scrambled eggs with green aspargus 5.95€
Smoked salmon toast with rocket salad 6.95€

Glazed goat cheese on a bed of apple caramelized with Porto ruby and vegetables 7.95€  
Beef stew with mixed mushrooms 7.95€

Main dishes


Grilled chicken breast with Roquefort cheese served with 4 leaves salad and crispy polenta 12.95€
Beef rump steak with black beans, rice, cassava our and greens 15.95€
Iberian pork steak with potatoes, olives and green aspargus 14.95€
Beef top sirloin chunck with mixed wild mushrooms and Porto tawny sauce served on turnip bed and crispy polenta 17.95€
Grilled lamb with spices and vegetables ragú** 16.95€
** Spicy dishes

If you have any allergies or food intolerance, please inform our staff


Grilled codfish llet served on turnip top bed, roasted potatoes 16.95€

Grilled salmon fillet served on a turnip top bed, roasted potatoes 15.95€
Braised octopus served with roasted bread vegetables and olives 18.95€
Spaghetti nero with prawns, red chillies and garlic** 17.95€


Vegetable ratatouille with polenta and mozarella gratin 10.95€
Grilled soya cookies, 4 leaves salad and crispy potatoes 10.95€
Vegetable curry with fresh tofu and basmati rice** 10.95€

Parmegiana tofu with vegetable ragu and crispy potatoes 10.95€

Wood Fired Pizzas

Mozzarella – tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil and oregano 9.95€
Vegetarian - tomato sauce, mozzarella, aubergine, zuchini, artichoke, black olives and oregano 10.95€
4 Cheeses - tomato sauce, mozzarella, catupiri, Azorian São Jorge, Roquefort and oregano 11.95€
Tuna - tomato sauce, mozzarella, tuna, onions, caper berries and oregano 10.95€
Codfish - mozzarella, codsh llet,onions, black olives and fresh parsley 14.95€
Salmon - smoked salmon, fresh mozzarella, caper berries, rocket salad and lemon 15.95€
Prawn - tomato sauce, mozzarella, prawns in garlic olive oil, fresh pineapple and oregano 15.95€
Calzone - tomato sauce, mozarella, ham, fresh mushrooms, eggs and oregano 10.95€
Smoked ham - tomato sauce, mozzarella, smoked ham and rocket salad 14.95€
Salami - tomato sauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, salami and spinach 13.95€
Bacon - tomato sauce, mozzarella, bacon, fresh mushrooms, onions 10.95€
3 Flavors - tomato sauce, mozzarella + 3 ingredients 15.95€

Desserts and complements


Fresh pineapple 3.50€
Fresh pineapple dressed with Porto wine jam 4.95€
Plain icecream with mango or passion fruit or wild berries sauce 4.50€
Brazilian style chocolate flan with berries sauce 4.50€
Warm brazilian style chocolate flan with lemon or mandarine sorvet 5.95€
Fresh pineapple with icecream and wild berries sauce 5.95€
Homemade basil panacotta with strawberry and mushroom icecream 5.95€
Mint mousse with dark chocolate and caramelized apple 4.50€
Abade de Priscos traditional portuguese pudding 8.95€
Cheese and guava jam pizza 8.95€
Banana, apple and cinnamom pizza 8.95€
Homemade chocolate cake with vainilla and wild berries sauce 4.95€
Goat cottage cheese with Porto wine jam or banana jam or guava jam 5.95€


Pannacotta with Porto wine 10 years 13.00€
Warm chocolate flan with lemon or mandarine sorbet with Porto LBV 11.50€
Brazilian style chocolate flan & Porto Ruby 9.00€
Abade de Priscos traditional portuguese pudding with Porto wine 20 years 15.00€
4 pax sweet pizzas & GranJo Late Harvest (price per person) 15.00€


Green Wine

Soalheiro white alvarinho 18.50€
Quinta do Regueiro reserve white alvarinho 21.00€
Quinta do Regueiro white alvarinho / trajadura  14.95€
Quinta Santa Eulalia white avess  12.95€
Quinta Santa Eulália white sauvignon blanc 15.95€
Nu Ponto white 11.95€


Poliphonia signature  49.00€
Poliphonia reserva white  21.00€
Cortes de Cima white | red  18.50€
Intensus white | red 15.95€
Azamor tinto petit verdot 29.00€
Azamor white | red  18.50€
Santa Vitória white | red 13.95€


Batuta 2010 red  100.00€
Chryseia 2012 red 150.00€
Chryseia 2013 red 100.00€
Vale do Lacrau old vines 2011 white 29.00€
Vale do Lacrau white moscatel galego  18.50€
Quinta Nova colheita red  18.50€
Quinta dos Poços reserve red 21.00€
Quinta dos Poços MG 21 red 39.00
Quinta dos Poços red  15.95€
Avidagos white | red | white | rosé 11.95€
Manoella white | red 21.00€


Mãos reserve white   21.00€
Quinta dos Avidagos reserve white | red | rosé  18.50€
Mãos branco | red  18.50€

Seara D'Ordens reserve white | red 15.95€ 

Vaz de Carvalho white | red 15.95€

Irmãos white | red | rosé  13.95€

Douro Superior

Quinta do Vale Meão 2010 red  150.00€

Quinta do Vale Meão 2013 red  100.00€
Quinta do Ataíde 21.00€
Passagem reserva white | red 25.00
Terras do Grifo reserve red  21.00€
Terras do Grifo white | red 13.95€
Altano ecologic red  15.95€

Post Scriptum red  29.00€


Morgado de Sta. Catarina reserve magnum 1,5L white arinto  39.00€
Quinta de Chocapalha white chardonnay
Quinta de Chocapalha red cabernet sauvignon 21.00€

Other Regions

DÃO Fonte do Ouro white encruzado  18.50€

DÃO Quinta do Saes red touriga nacional  18.50€

PENÍNSULA DE SETÚBAL Horácio Simões white boal  15.95€

PENÍNSULA DE SETÚBAL Horácio Simões red castelão  15.95€

BAIRRADA Filipa Pato white bical arinto  15.95€
BAIRRADA Filipa Pato red baga   15.95€
TRÁS-OS-MONTES Valle Pradinhos red  21.00€
TRÁS-OS-MONTES Valle Pradinhos white 25.00€

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